Keep your hard drive awake!

Wynd Waker is a small program that can run in the background to keep your external or internal hard drive spinning. This is perfect for computers hosting music and video media.

If you are running a media server, you know how frustrating it can be when your hard drive goes to sleep and it can take up to 30 seconds for your drive to wake up when you try to play your tunes and movies.

Wynd Waker will create a small file on your drive every few minutes in order to keep it awake. The default is every 10 minutes, but you can adjust this based on your own needs.


  • Download the program and place it in any folder. It is recommended to keep it somewhere in your C:\ drive.
  • Run wyndwaker.exe


  1. Click “Select Drive” to choose the drive and folder where you want the file generated every few minutes. Be sure to choose a location on the hard drive you want to keep awake!
  2. Choose the number of minutes and seconds for the program to wait between each file creation. The default is 10 minutes and works on most systems.
    1. You’ll notice the countdown “Time” begins immediately. It will restart as soon as you change the minutes or seconds.
    2. If you want to test to see if the program is working properly, you can set the timer to 10 seconds. Look in the designated folder location. At 5 seconds a file named temp.txt will be created. At 0 seconds the file will be deleted.
  3. If you want the program to start minimized as a tray icon, click the “Start Hidden” button.
  4. If you want Wynd Waker to automatically start every time Windows starts, click the “Enable Autostart” button. This tells your Windows registry to automatically start Wynd Waker from whatever folder it is currently running.
    1. If you want to disable this feature, just click the “Disable Autostart” button.
  5. If you minimize Wynd Waker, it will continue to run as a tray icon. If you click X it will close the program.


Download wyndwaker.exe from

If you have any questions, please email